Squeezed out of the artistic minds of Meg Saligman and Brian Sanders comes FIGMAGO and FIGMAGO Alive


60 Minutes

Enter the working studio of Meg Saligman and discover the mind of a muralist. A work of art becomes a world of art through secret passageways, 3D murals, and hands-on exploration. Be a guest at the bizarre baroque banquet, play in the enchanted field of light and shadow, and discover uncharted paths into your own imagination. You become the artist as the adventure unfolds.

Step inside an entire world awaiting you on Bainbridge Street.



75 Minutes

FIGMAGO Alive includes all of the same fantastical whimsy as FIGMAGO and features choreography by Brian Sanders’ JUNK.

Known for their thrilling acrobatics and cutting edge dance-theater, delight as JUNK further immerses you into the world of FIGMAGO. Adventure with them into a labyrinth of three-dimensional murals as they come to life in stunning and unexpected ways. Hailed for their ‘breathtaking-beautiful choreography', the performers become the gatekeepers of your imagination, opening portals unto the paths of your creative being – from a figment comes an imago.